10 Craziest Ways Horror Movie Characters Have Returned From The Dead

Because sometimes dead is better.

New Line Cinema

There are few genres quite as popular as the horror realm. Whether in a casual sense or in a die-hard way, everybody loves a good (or bad!) horror movie and everybody has their own personal favourites.

While horror is clearly big business, it can often be a questionable, face-palming landscape at times. For instance, some of the resurrections seen across the horror genre over the decades are absolutely nuts. Sure, some of these reanimations are fun, some are cleverly put together, and some may even feature some stunning SFX work at play, but then there are those that amp up the crazy scale just a tad too much.

We all know that one of the golden rules of horror is that death isn't exactly a permanent arrangement, and for some characters we've seen them return from the grave time and time again. And it's on the genre's most outlandish of these resurrections that we're going to shine a spotlight here.

With that in mind then, here are ten of the most outrageous, outright bonkers ways that horror movies have brought characters back from the afterlife.


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