10 Crazy In-Universe Rules Star Wars Characters Must Follow

This is the way.

The Mandalorian Unmasked Pedro Pascal

The Star Wars universe is a place ruled by good and evil. Heroes and villains. The Light Side and the Dark Side.

But this galaxy is also governed by laws. Whether they are the sacred texts of the Jedi or the ways of the Sith, every race and culture have their own set of rules they must abide by. There are certain decrees you must follow if you are to become a Mandalorian. Wookiees must obey certain protocols to avoid being cast out by their tribe.

Even though fans are familiar with many of these customs, there are some that should be better-known since they are... pretty odd. The Empire has its officers following strict regulations, which some would consider bizarre, funny, or hypocritical.The Sith have stringent laws which they obey to the letter, despite the fact these dark Jedi come across like they are not bound by law or honour.

Some of these terms are so crazy, you feel like they would be more suited in a Star Wars sketch on Robot Chicken rather than the real thing. But rest assured, every one of these rules is a part of George Lucas' beloved sci-fi franchise.

10. The Wookiees' Life Debt

The Mandalorian Unmasked Pedro Pascal

If a person's life is owed to another, they can pledge to protect their saviour for the rest of their life. This custom, known as a life debt, is common amongst many cultures in the Star Wars universe. Jar Jar Binks owed a life debt to Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi after they rescued him in The Phantom Menace. Chewbacca vowed to protect Han Solo after he came to the Wookiee's aid.

As understandable as this decree is, Wookiees take it to a radical extreme. The hairy creatures from Kashyyyk are so willing to honour the custom, it's not rare for the recipient of the life debt to turn the Wookiee into a slave.

Even if the Wookiee is able to fight back or flee from their so-called "messiah", the fuzzball won't, since its devotion to the life debt is too strong to break. This is quite ironic since, as can be observed in Solo: A Star Wars Story, and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, one of the most common reasons Wookiees make a life debt is because they were freed from slavery!


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