10 Creepiest Characters In The MCU

In the primarily colorful MCU these absolute creepy characters feel out of place.

The Purple Man Jessica Jones Kilgrave

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a bright, colorful universe. In fact it is in direct contrast to the extremely dark DC cinematic universe (well, except for some films like Shazam and Wonder Woman 1984)

To some fans, this idea of bright colorful heroes fighting off CGI baddies while espousing a "witty" quip every two minutes means that the MCU is a family-friendly product meant to only be enjoyed by children.

However, while pillars of justice like Iron Man and Black Widow may help support this family-friendly claim, there are many more characters across the MCU that are downright creepy for adults and children alike.

Marvel's creep factor mostly comes from its expanding army of villains. However, there are several heroes that also fit the creepy descriptor.

Marvel is a franchise that has limitless potential to be part of any genre of film or television. And to give credit where credit is due, recent MCU projects have really tried their best to push the MCU envelope into a much darker universe, thanks primarily to products like Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, WandaVision, and Moon Knight.

The House of Mouse may not approve of creepy characters and films, but the MCU does have some standout weirdos. The following are just some of the creepiest heroes and villains we've seen in the MCU so far.

10. Khonshu

The Purple Man Jessica Jones Kilgrave
Marvel Studios

Moon Knight has quickly risen from a relatively unknown street-level hero in the comics to a worldwide topic of discussion thanks to the first season of the Disney Plus show. And, for at least the first few episodes, the show certainly tried to keep the horror-based origins of the character.

Perhaps the creepiest character from Moon Knight isn't Ethan Hawke's villainous portrayal as Arthur Harrow, but instead is Moon Knight's Moon-god, Khonshu.

With mummy wrappings for a body, and a trademark floating bird skull for a head, Khonshu is easily the creepiest god we've seen in the MCU. His appearance and actions make him even creepier than Hela, who wiped out all of Asgard in about an hour or so.

Khonshu is terrifying to see on screen, and his design is so creepy that it works even when he's standing in broad daylight. His initial appearances were pretty creepy for the audience and Steven Grant, who was very understandably terrified when he saw a giant bird skull monster chasing him across London.

While Khonshu'a later appearances in the Disney Plus show tended to lean more towards a generic MCU character, full of sass and childish temper tantrums, Khonsu definitely hits the scary and creepy factor.


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