10 Creepiest Movie Mistakes Ever

These mistakes are pure, unadulterated nightmare fuel.

Die Hard Mistake

It's a simple fact that nobody's perfect and no movie is 100% free of mistakes, because the sheer number of people working on any one film ensures that there's always going to be something missed by somebody somewhere.

Most mistakes are totally harmless and, on occasion, totally hilarious. But the rarest of movie gaffes can actually lend an added, often unexpected air of unease to proceedings.

These 10 movie mistakes are all quite unsettling and offputting in their own ways, whether making a supernatural implication due to a continuity or editing error, or suggesting something totally gruesome to the most eagle-eyed of audiences.

While some of the entries on this list come from the horror and thriller genres where the mistakes don't upend the movie's intended tone, in many cases these haunting mistakes found their way into family-friendly animations and slushy, feel-good rom-coms. Oops.

Thankfully many of these mistakes at least went unseen for years or even decades before being uncovered by the Internet, but once you've set your eyes upon them there's virtually no chance you'll be able to un-see them. So, sorry in advance for that...

10. Karl's "Ghost" - Die Hard

Die Hard Mistake

Despite being over three decades old, keen-eyed viewers are still discovering new things about the seasonal action masterpiece Die Hard, even previously undiscovered mistakes.

One of the film's most memorable action beats is the brutal fight between John McClane (Bruce Willis) and terrorist henchman Karl (Alexander Godunov).

The brawl ends with Karl strangled, seemingly to death, by a chain and left hanging in the rafters. However, one viewer recently noticed the presence of a distinctly un-chained "Karl" in the background of the very next shot.

The last time we saw Karl, he was hanging next to a wall opposite the stairs, yet in this shot we can see him - or possibly a mannequin intended to resemble Karl - standing at the top of the stairs, many feet from where his unconscious body should be.

Considering this mistake makes little sense even when accepting it as a continuity or editing error, cue the urban legends about Die Hard being a haunted production.


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