10 Creepy Horror Movies Set In A Hospital

The creepiest horror movies set in a hospital! Halloween 2, The Ward & more.

The Ward
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Just as much as there is a horror movie for every occasion, there's also a horror movie for every location. Yes, horror movies aren't all haunted houses and creepy graveyards, sometimes they favor somewhere much closer to home.

Hospitals are quite unique places already. As human beings, we respect the medical profession and all who work in it, but we pray we never need to meet them.

That usually means something disastrous for us or a loved one. Being such divisive places of high tension and anxiety, is it any wonder horror movies have rushed to capitalize on them?

As if being surrounded by medical equipment, illness and uncertainty isn't scary enough, what if you were faced with horrifying medical experiments during your stay? Or perhaps a homicidal maniac chasing you through the endless halls?

Horror reigning havoc upon a hospital setting just seems to add that extra little smidge of primal fear to a movie, and may make you not want to trust a doctor ever again... So, now that you're nice and scared, let's take a look at 10 Creepy Horror Movies Set in a Hospital

10. The Facility (2012)

The Ward
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This little-seen British gore-fest follows a colorful ensemble of people as they embark on trials for a new "wonder drug." Havoc ensues when the trial goes awry and those injected with the drug become blood-thirsty zombies.

Given the current world situation, 2012's The Facility is perhaps much more relevant and much more terrifying now than ever before. Originally based on a 2006 drug trial mishap, the film appears to relay all our fears born from 2020 and the uncertainty surrounding newfangled medical products.

However, regardless of any deeper meanings or warnings, The Facility is still a bloody good time. The movie takes cues from the likes of Resident Evil and 28 Days Later, while characters are actually likable, smart and capable of fighting off their blood-hungry former patients.

The effects and body-horror on display are impressive given the tight budget and once again just seem all-too-relatable. Coupled with an isolated clinic in the middle of nowhere, The Facility amounts to an atmospheric, exciting ride that more people need to be aware of.

The movie is quite the impressive British zombie flick and it seems a shame it's relegated to late night TV showings. This author only happened across it as he mistook the TV listing for "The Faculty..."


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