10 Crew Members Who Accidently Ended Up In Famous Movies

The Matrix Camera Given how many people it takes to make a movie, it's not surprising to learn that - on occassion - somebody will end up in the background of a shot or an entire scene that they're not suppose to be in. Fine: get them out of the way, and let's go again, everyone. Even if - for some bizarre reason - a shot does make it through to the editing suite and there's still a member of the crew somehow visible (or there's a boom mic lingering in shot, perhaps), filmmakers have the tools at their disposal to make these things disappear. It's never going to be a big issue. But sometimes it goes totally unnoticed: somebody who isn't supposed to be in the final cut of a movie finds their way in against the odds. And it usually takes an audience (or a meticulous internet nerd) to realise that a certain human being - holding a camera or standing by with a fire extinguisher or dressed in anachronistic clothing - who should not have been included anywhere in sight is right there in the middle of the freakin' movie. As was the case in the movies gathered here: crew members who are now immortalised (accidently) in the frames of famous movies...

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