10 Crime Films Based On Real Events

Yeah, these insane plots actually DID happen.

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From the assassination of JFK to Bonnie & Clyde, Hollywood have been turning real life crimes into epic cinema since the beginning. Filmmakers have been leaning into stories so wild that it’s disturbing that they’re true as a way of making cinema that really affects the viewer, after all there’s not much scarier than knowing something actually happened.

There’s a certain level of chill that comes with knowing that you're only inches away from the truth in true crime films. You see elaborate ploys, extreme murders, crazy heists and the kind of criminal masterminds that are both terrifying and awe-inspiring. Sometimes it’s fun to be hoisted away on an extravagant made up adventure but the films on this list are chillingly real at times. Despite this, there’s also a fun side to the world of true crime. Tales of excess, daring and genius run rampant throughout the genre.

So here is a list of films that turn into the crime underworld, attempt to dissect and understand criminal circles, shine a light on important moments in history and turn real life madness into entertainment. Sometimes, the best type of escapism is entering a world exactly like your own…


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