10 Criminally Low IMDb Movie Ratings You Won’t Believe

One star for accuracy.

IMDb has been at the forefront of online movie fandom for over two decades, and in that time everyone has learned which parts are best avoided. You don't enter the message boards unless you want to see sane discussions descend into cries of fanboy bias; you don't start researching an actor without giving up two hours of your life to play a never-ending, one-player game of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon; and, most importantly, you accept that the sites oft-quoted star ratings are more than a little inaccurate.

Still, even if you know how skewed and narrow the whole thing is, it's hard not to be influenced by a movie's IMDb score; if a film has a rating 7.0 or below, it clearly can't be worth your time, and if it doesn't hit an 8.0 it can't exactly be called a must see.

Compiled as a simple average from all the reviews and votes cast on the site's 1-10 scale (the Top 250 is measured a little differently, only taking into account "regular" users), they're a numerical representation of personal prejudice and contextual factors, with a bit of actual movie assessment thrown in if you're lucky.

More often than not, this leaves films of more questionable quality scoring much, much higher than they realistically should, although sometimes things can go the other way, with films languishing much lower than they deserve. Quite why is a mixture divided audience opinion and reassessment of originally maligned movies, as you'll see with these next ten movies.


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