10 Cute Movie Characters Who'd Happily Rip Your Face Off

Looks can be very, very deceiving.

The world of cinema has indeed given us its fair share of adorable movie characters over the decades, from money-making Minions in Despicable Me all the way back to cutest character of all, Bambi. Whole industries are built on their cuteness, in fact, with plush toys doing a roaring trade in the wake of whichever release Disney deems the most marketable each year. But sometimes looks can be deceiving: sometimes a movie introduces a character that initially seems as cute as a button, but who is actually capable of unimaginable power or evil. They may look cute enough to have their own show on PBS right between Sesame Street and Barney & Friends, but they're more likely to commit the kind of atrocities typically reserved for maniacal undead child killers with claw gloves or something. It's actually an admirable feat if the baddie of your movie basically cries out for big hugs and kisses rather than immediately inspiring terror. Sometimes they€™re supernatural creatures, sometimes they're blameless-looking, bright-eyed human beings, but the one thing that connects them all is their aptitude to easily suck you in with their adorableness, before haunting your dreams with the revelation of their true nature. How perverse a revelation that things that look cute and cuddly can just as quickly be the cause of your demise. To perversely celebrate these beautiful monsters - or at the very least educate film fans on never trusting a book by its doe-eyed, moon-faced cover - we're running through the most memorable.
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