10 Darkly Disturbing Disney Movie Theories

Racism, drugs and killer cars? Surely not in a Disney movie?!


When you’re but a young whippersnapper, there’s nothing more enchanting than a wholesome Disney flick. And to a young, innocent mind there’s usually nothing more to Disney movies than bright colours, talking animals, impossibly beautiful princesses and vaguely interpretable moral lessons.

But faster than you can say ‘Jiminy Cricket’ those young, once innocent Disney fans are soon old, jaded adults forced to take a second look at their childhood movies of yore in a wholly different light. Incorporating all the crap that makes adult life depressing to the background of their analysis, those fans find harrowing realities like drug abuse, rampant racism and psychopathic killers, for example, in amongst the joy.

Yep, depressing as it may be several fan theory enthusiasts (a.k.a. jaded old bastards) have reassessed our favourite Disney movies in a way that pisses all over the parade of their original, innocent magic.

You thought Disney movies were all about friendship, love and living happily ever after? Think again: these downer Disney fan theories are about to ruin any happy memories you have of Disney movies. Our condolences in advance.


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