10 DCEU Characters That Are Nothing Like The Comics

For better and for worse.

Suicide Squad Enchantress
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If the Marvel Cinematic Universe has proven anything over the last decade, it's that you don't need to stick slavishly to the source material in order to make the big bucks and keep comic book fans satisfied. Hell, the MCU has become iconic enough to actually influence the comics themselves.

Sadly the DC Extended Universe hasn't had quite such a fruitful time, with the seven movies to date varying wildly in quality while failing to convey a consistent tone or aesthetic across the board.

And as such, fans have proven themselves a lot less amenable to some of the more daring changes Zack Snyder and co. have made to certain DC heroes and villains.

While the DCEU has borrowed liberally from The New 52 incarnations of numerous front-line characters - especially Wonder Woman - it's also safe to say that Snyder has bet the house on some pretty bold reinterpretations of comic book icons.

But to be clear, though each of these movie characters doesn't much resemble their most popular and iconic iteration from the page, they're not all bad, and one of them even miraculously fixed the iffy reputation of a most-troubled superhero.

Yet sadly not all changes were quite this persuasive, and the deviations from decades of comic book history haven't always been for the best...

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