10 Deadly Movie Destinations You Don't Want To Visit

Cannibal Holocaust 1 Amid the alluring and fluorescent backdrops of a rainforest to the engrossing ruins of a forgotten society teeming with undiscovered times past, holidays offer us the opportunity to escape our bustling lives and submerge us into effervescent cultures, exquisite delicacies and breathtaking sights, but never at the impending peril of being subjected to an array of brutal and callous horrors. Our holiday destinations with our families and friends are not comparable to the destinations we have been exposed to in current film, those of which subject their characters to unlikely and dangerous circumstances we are fortunate to have never confronted, be that facing imminent disembowelment from the likes of ferocious creatures or captured as a local nutritious dish to cater for a tribe of cannibals. So without hesitation, here are ten grueling and savage holiday movie destinations that would be best advised to remain distant from. Warning: Discretion is advised. Spoilers follow.

10. Amity Island - Jaws (1975)

susan jaws Amity Island is a bustling and beloved tourist town with its picturesque long stretched beach, golden sands and shimmering oceans, that attracts flocks of excitable crowds of people from charming families and striving teenagers to bask in its undisputed beauty. While it may hold home to the ambitious and hardworking residents, the virtuous town is also resident to a virulent and enormous man-eating shark that sinisterly stalks innocent and appetising prey, that are unaware of the feasible dangers of swimming freely in the town's waters. It's been a long time since the shark has satisfied its unquenchable hunger.

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