10 Deleted Movie Endings Way Better Than What We Got

From existential crises to pie fights, some of the best endings never made it to the final film.

Warner Bros.

The ending of a film is paramount. It isn't just about the journey, but the destination, and a bad enough ending can ruin pretty much any movie. So it's perfectly understandable for a film studio, or even the director themselves, to not have enough confidence in the proposed ending to a film they're working on, to the point where they outright change it even after they've finished filming the original one.

But sometimes the filmmakers jumped the gun on that front. Sometimes they had it right the first time, and whoever was suggesting that the ending be changed should have kept their mouths shut. Thankfully, if the original version was at least shot, then we can at least see the true ending to a film play out in the special features on the DVD.

Which is very good in this case, because it gives one a look at just how good the ending to a film could have been. Whether because it fit the theme better, or because the ending we got was really just that bad, these are the best deleted endings to films that were better than the ones we got.


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