10 Deleted Scenes That Explain Confusing Sci-Fi Movie Moments

These Films Make A LOT More Sense Now.

Independence Day
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Even the longest, most tedious movies include just a fraction of what was filmed during the production process.

A treasure of action, dialogue, and bloopers is all left on the cutting room floor with only a select few cast and crew members ever knowing it was filmed.

Unfortunately, sometimes these deleted scenes hold key answers to some of cinema's greatest questions and, for whatever reason, they were left out of the final picture.

Science fiction is a genre where this happens a lot. In worlds filled with aliens, advanced technology, and more jargon than you can take a dictionary at, it's not surprising when viewers are left utterly baffled when watching a sci-fi movie. If only these sequences had been left in the movie to explain it all.

These ten movies are all iconic in their own right and still tell a complete story despite having so much cut. However, we're just saying that if just one of the scenes removed from these pictures had stayed in then maybe sci-fi fans wouldn't have their reputation of being nitpickers and naysayers.

Prepared to have your eyes opened and your minds blown about some of your favourite ever movies.

10. Why Does Robocop Have A Human Hand? (Robocop)

A reboot of the classic sci-fi adventure of the same name, 2014's Robocop stars Joel Kinnaman, Gary Oldman, Michael Keaton, and Samuel L. Jackson. Did this stellar cast save it from getting bad reviews? Well, let's not go there now, shall we?

It tells the story of Alex Murphy, a police officer who becomes the titular character when he is severely injured in an explosion. However, Alex's transformation into Robocop comes with one notable difference from the original.

Whilst most of his body is replaced with cybernetics, Alex retains his right hand in its full human form. But why? And before you say anything, no, the answer is not that.


The reason for this odd decision is revealed a scene cut from the movie's final edit. The CEO of OmniCorp, the organisation who designed RoboCop's exoskeleton, says that his father taught him that a lot can be learned about a person through their handshake. As a result, Alex's hand is kept intact.

Not only does this explain the bizarre decision, but it also exposes OmniCorp's disregard for human life by playing around with a human body in this way.


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