10 Deleted Scenes Which Solve Baffling Movie Mysteries

Thor's mystical dip has an explanation (sort of).

Avengers Thor

Ambiguity is an under-appreciated quality in cinema, but that doesn't mean that all movies benefit from keeping the audience in the dark.

Especially when we're talking about the blockbuster arena, the audience typically wants to know what's going on and not be left to figure out too much for themselves.

Case in point, we have these 10 movies, most of which released to solid acclaim - if not outright raves - from critics.

But each is also guilty of leaving an unresolved plot point to linger in viewers' heads, from basic lapses in logic to crucial character shading which lends vital context to the story.

It's especially fascinating as each of these 10 films actually did put the answer before cameras, but for one of many possible editorial reasons, said solution was intentionally left out of the final cut.

Thankfully by way of supplementary home video material and good old-fashioned leaks, however, these pivotal deleted scenes are available for fans to pore over, finally getting answers to plots that, in their original form, just felt a tad off.

In some cases the filmmakers may well have had a solid reason to cut the deleted scene - pacing reasons is the usual answer - but it was undeniably at the expense of securing some water-tight narrative logic...


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