10 Deleted Star Wars Moments You Won't Believe Nearly Happened

Star Wars very nearly dropped its first F-bomb in 2022...

Maarva Andor

The creative process when forging a script for a big or small-screen offering often brings with it a ton of fascinating and compelling ideas that simply don't find a way into the finished product for one reason or another.

And the world of Star Wars is no different, with a great many baffling, intriguing, and game-changing developments once pitched to make their presence know in the galaxy far, far away ultimately not quite making the cut when all was said and done.

Now, in most cases, opting to not include the following unexpected beats and moments in the end likely proved to be the correct call, with the appearance of certain characters or scenarios potentially overloading an already stacked intergalactic outing.

But there have also been those few sequences left on the cutting room floor or scrapped during the scribbling stage that could've probably paved the way for some of the most notable occurrences in Star Wars history had they actually come to pass.

So, from galaxy-altering massacres potentially going down at an entirely different point in time, to the franchise's first-ever F-bomb very nearly erupting into existence recently, these are those Star Wars events you won't believe were seriously close to becoming a reality.

10. Darth Bane And Revan Arrive On Mortis - The Clone Wars

Maarva Andor

Sitting as two of the most notable Sith Lords the Legends era of Star Wars continuity had to offer, Darth Bane and Revan both potentially making their presence known in the Clone Wars animated series would've no doubt come as a welcome surprise to Extended Universe lovers.

But that show's supervising director, Dave Filoni, and the mind behind the galaxy himself, George Lucas, both quickly realised that this rewarding cameo may not actually be the wisest of calls after all.

Set to originally go down during a sequence on Mortis involving The Son, Revan and Bane would've acted as the embodiment of the Dark Side and attempted to influence the Force-sensitive figure.

However, before the sequence could be fully completed and animated, Lucas and Filoni agreed that the twosome appearing and existing beyond death would've likely contradicted the established way of the Force and didn't line up with how the former viewed his creation.

And while this would bring any hope of Revan popping up in Clone Wars to an end, Bane would actually finally arrive on the scene during the "Sacrifice" episode in Season Six, appearing as a spectre before Master Yoda.


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