10 Deleted Star Wars Scenes That Explain Confusing Moments

How did Jar-Jar Binks survive three Star Wars films?

Phantom Menace Deleted Scene

Star Wars is one of the most expansive and stacked franchises in entertainment history. George Lucas has created a galaxy full of vibrant characters and compelling story arcs that have gripped audience's attentions ever since the 1970s, and the series' legions of dedicated fans are always cultivating theories and asking for explanations on each and every side remark or mention in the films.

Unfortunately, screenwriters don't have endless hours to stack their content into and deleted scenes are a part of every release. Sometimes these scenes are obvious duds, slowing down the film's pacing, not fitting in with the tone or revealing a plot point too soon/too late and are rightfully chopped.

However, every so often, there is a scene that resurfaces and leaves fans scratching at their heads as to why it was ever left out of the final release.

Star Wars is no exception to this, with more than a few deleted scenes over the years answering some of the most burning questions fans have had when watching the series. From podracing on Tatooine, to storming the Tantive IV, here are ten deleted Star Wars scenes that helped explained some of the films' most confusing moments.

10. Where Did Greedo Come From? - The Phantom Menace

Responsible for cultivating the biggest debate in the entire Star Wars universe, Greedo was amongst one of the first characters given a name in the original trilogy, and was also one of the first to be fried.

Whether you're on the side of team Han or team Greedo in the race to the trigger, there's no denying the impact this character had on the fanbase, even if his screen time did only amount to around two minutes. But, besides the fact that he is one of Jabba the Hutt's hired hands and has no love for the loveable Han Solo, not much is known about Greedo.

Whilst he never mentioned him again in his original trilogy, George Lucas did go back and address the character in one of the Phantom Menace's deleted scenes.

The scene opens with Anakin and a young alien boy fighting. Qui-Gon comes along and breaks up the scuffle, telling Anakin that he must learn to live with others having their own opinions. The two boys disperse, with the alien boy's mother calling him Greedo.

Not only does this scene give the audience a little bit more of an insight into Anakin's inner anger, something badly missing from The Phantom Menace, and throw in some extra Qui-Gon Jinn into the mix, but it also adds just that extra layer of depth to Greedo's origin story.

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