10 Depressing Things About Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn Of Justice

Reasons to be fearful for The Dark Knight and The Man of Tomorrow.

The upcoming release of a new Batman movie - especially one that's also a Superman movie and involves fisticuffs between the pair of them - should be a cause for celebration, but these days it's seeming more and more appropriate to commiserate. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice may have a silly title, but it's nothing to smile about, according to both the fans and Warner Bros. It seems like every other day that a new bit of information oozes out of the DC marketing department or the mouth of an insider talking to some website about the film, but while these should be tantalising bits of gossip for us to chew over, they're increasingly becoming causes for alarm as to the direction Zack Snyder's film is taking. Let's be honest here: Dawn of Justice, despite the optimistic note in its title, doesn't look like it's going to be a barrel of laughs, from the moody promotional image to the content of the film that proceeded it and all of the surrounding statements made by crew and cast members. Some people might dismiss the feeling that Superman V. Batman is going to be a dour downer of a movie, but there are far too many reasons to ignore it. What are those reasons, you ask? Funny you should mention: we've compiled a list of the ten biggest just for you...

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