10 Most Despicable Movie Characters Since 2000

You wouldn't want your daughter marrying any of these.

Film lovers have very different tastes when it comes to the various genres of movies. Some of get their thrills from horror flicks, others a good thriller, while some adore nothing more than a hilarious comedy. One thing that can be agreed on, however, is that a truly detestable, dislikable character can be both fascinating and frightening in equal measure. Since the turn of the century, some truly despicable figures have emerged from some of Hollywood's most popular films. Murderous villains, unhinged loners or money-motivated yuppies - they've all been represented in 21st century cinema. Regardless of how horrible they are as human beings, such has been the way they've been portrayed that they are all incredibly interesting characters. Some even have a charm about them that makes them impossible not to hate. As is the case with anything to do with movies, this is a very subjective list. Some of you may disagree entirely about some of the inclusions, and you may have numerous other contenders in mind. It's certainly hard to justify all of these characters, portrayed perfectly by the actors playing them, being anything other than atrocious human beings though. Here are the 10 most despicable movie characters since 2000.

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