10 Directors Who Really Need To Make A Movie Outside Their Usual Genre

Tim Burton Some directors go their whole careers making films within a single genre, and some of them do it very well. There are others, of course, who could do with a little variety. These are the guys who have picked the wrong genre to focus on; they just don't tell the story as good as it can be told. Unfortunately, no one seems to want to tell them and so the vicious cycle of poor filmmaking persists in perpetuity. The filmmakers examined hence are people who, for whatever reason, are stuck in sub-standard purgatory. Perhaps it's the paycheck, maybe it's the fear of stepping outside their comfort zone. Then again they're probably just content in their mediocrity because it's comfortable, enjoyable. Regardless of the circumstances, it's time these makers of cinema branched out and found a suitable genre for their talents.

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