10 Directors Who Really Need To Make A Movie Outside Their Usual Genre

9. The Farrelly Brothers - Average Man Comedies

Kingpin 1996 01 When I say "Average Man Comedy" I don't mean the comedies are average (though, they really are), I mean they're comedies for the average man. Who are Harry Dunne and Lloyd Christmas but every day numbskulls? Who is Ishmael but an average joe Amish? There's Hal, the classic misogynist. And Fred and Rick, equally misogynistic married men who don't appreciate their wives. The men are average, the movies are average. So where do the Farrelly's go from here? For the moment they're working on a Dumb and Dumber sequel, which should be every bit the disaster the uniquely unfunny titles suggests it will be. It's safe to say that after the catastrophically poor performance of Peter Farrelly's Movie 43 the brothers won't be doing any collective films any time soon, but how would they fare with comedy that's light on the outdated slapstick and heavy on the wit, a wry and dry send-up to 1950s comedy. Truthfully, no matter what genre they work in it won't measure up, but by trading in toilet jokes for well-formed wordplay they may actually put out a product best described as "better than average!"

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