10 Directors That Should Never Have Complete Creative Control

They're good, but someone needs to reign these guys in...

Film directors are strange creatures. Many of them have wildly varied CVs that include as many incredible films as dodgy ones. The secret ingredient for success can often be creative control, or, in some cases, the lack of it.

Our favourite directors are often amazing visual storytellers, but can€™t always spot a problem in a script, a miscasting, or a jarringly awful CGI €˜enhancement€™. Even the best filmmakers on Planet Earth need someone to call them out when something isn€™t working.

Ego €“ or, at least, huge amounts of confidence - is often the key to making it in the business, but it€™s equally important to keep an eye out for slip-ups, missteps and outright errors of judgement. A second opinion from a good producer, an intelligent studio executive or a hands-on writer can make the difference between a naff film and a great one, no matter who€™s in the director€™s chair.

Cinematic history is littered with examples of filmmakers who would benefit from this. These are the filmmakers who are at their most brilliant when they€™re reigned in, who rely on creative collaboration to reach their full potential...


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