10 Directors Who Sabotaged Their Own Movies

Hubris, stupidity or both?

Martin Campbell Green Lanter
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Every filmmaker wants to make a great movie, but sadly the complex realities of Hollywood often make it difficult for even talented directors to do that.

And sometimes filmmakers just let their ego get the better of them, of course.

These 10 directors, all of them extremely talented and some of them even Best Director Oscar winners, nevertheless worked against the interests of themselves, their cast, their crew and ultimately their entire movie.

Whether blinded by their own prior success, forced to make a tough creative call or simply acting carelessly, their films suffered woefully as a result, sabotaged by their own eccentricities and misguided artistic decisions.

In almost every case it harmed the director's career forever more, as not a single one of these filmmakers has ever really decisively redeemed themselves in the eyes of film fans.

And before you start complaining about the absence of Rian Johnson on this list for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, that movie made truck-tons of cash and scored huge critical acclaim, so he in no way sabotaged it...

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