10 Directors Who Should Lose The Right To Make Movies

Michael Bay The job of the director has proven time and time again to be the most crucial when it comes to filmmaking. More often than not, actors, writers, composers, and effects artists are usually thankful to their director when they receive an award. But why is this? The answer is a simple one; a film is largely a director's vision. Yet sometimes not even the best supplements can polish an inevitable turd. Yes, today we are exploring the other side of the directing spectrum. You may not realize it, but far often than not terrible movies carry a burden of being concocted by the same hack directors. In other words, the old adage "crap is contagious" rings true. These are 10 directors that should be ashamed of the drivel they put out and whom should just retire now. Some of these names may ring a bell while others are more obscure but there's one thing they share in common, and that is making our eyes bleed.

10. Tom Six I€™m sure by now everyone knows what The Human Centipede is. What you may not know though is that there are two of these abominations with a third one in post-production. Shame on moviegoers everywhere for making a movie about sewing people together from ass to mouth into a successful franchise. The most perplexing thing about all of this is that I have yet to personally meet anyone that enjoys his Human Centipede franchise, which begs the question, who the hell are these people? Is Tom Six himself buying truckloads of Blu-Ray copies? Tom Six solely creates shock value and it is entirely evident even without seeing the films themselves. Let€™s look at some of his movie titles of his other creations. One of them is €œGay in Amsterdam€. For some reason I highly doubt it is as emotional or intellectually constructed as Ang Lee's Brokeback Mountain. I will just let the 3.0 on IMDB speak for itself. Tom Six is an idiotic hack who feeds off of people watching his disgusting and pointless films that do not offer one ounce of substance. His future endeavors will only get more stupidly grotesque.

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