10 Directors Who Were PISSED OFF At Film Premieres

When it all goes wrong.

Reservoir Dogs Quentin Tarantino

Film premieres are supposed to be times of great celebration, where a director gathers together with their cast and crew to finally unveil their toiled-over vision to the world.

But as we all know, things sadly aren't always totally harmonious, and sometimes even quite disastrous.

Often films get wrestled out of directors' hands to the point where they feel like the end product doesn't even belong to them anymore, and sometimes a filmmaker is simply faced with an audience response they totally weren't expecting - and its rarely for the better.

These 10 directors were all left fuming at the premieres for their films, likely wishing they were practically anywhere else.

Thankfully in some cases the directors themselves had the last laugh as the film went on to enjoy critical and even commercial success, but there's no doubting the stress, the anxiety, and the anger which stemmed from that initial screening.

Then again, one filmmaker on our list was so exasperated by all the premiere nonsense that he decided to skip it altogether and seethe abroad instead. That's one way to make a statement...

10. Josh Trank Hated The Final Cut Of His Movie - Fantastic Four

Reservoir Dogs Quentin Tarantino

Much has been written about the intensely troubled production of 2015's Fantastic Four reboot, most of it focused on the acrimonious relationship between studio Fox and director Josh Trank.

Depending on whose side you take, Fox either neutered the rising filmmaker's ambitious attempt at a unique superhero movie, or Trank was a volatile, uncommunicative presence on set with rumoured substance abuse issues.

Either way, Trank was hugely unhappy with the end result of the movie, and the evening before it opened, he posted a since-deleted tweet where he effectively blamed Fox for preventing him from delivering the superior version of the film he was hoping to create.

It's especially interesting as Trank actually attended the L.A. premiere of the movie the night before, and though the premiere itself went ahead without incident, it's clear from his tweet the next night that he was not-so-subtly infuriated over the state of the film.


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