10 Most Disappointing Comic Book Movies Of All-Time

Great expectations.

Given their potential to literally make billions of dollars at the box office - perhaps even more than any other type of movie in this modern cinematic age - it's no wonder that the studios have turned their attention to comic book adaptations. Yes, the movie-going public have become obsessed with the likes of the comic book movie over the course of the last decade. What started with experimental films like X-Men and Spider-Man has changed the face of cinema forever: now we have cinematic universes, spin-offs, and films about iconic superheroes fighting one another... What's remarkable about the state of comic book movies is that, on the whole, truly bad ones are a rarity. That's not to say that all comic book flicks have been successful on every level, but the most common "negative" reaction that fans seem to face when approaching a new comic adaptation is that of disappointment. And isn't feeling somewhat let down or disheartened by a long-awaited picture even worse than being outright shocked at how bad it is? You know where you are with a bad movie, after all; disappointing tends to mean that the lines are blurred. Join us, then, as we take a trip through the 10 most disappointing comic book movies of all-time. We've weighed up the associated levels of distress that these movies caused fans at the time of their release to bring you the definitive ranking of those adaptations that had patrons leaving the cinema feeling unsatisfied and confused. It's important to note here that none of the movies included on this list are terrible; these are the movies that had both good and bad things about them, but ultimately left fans and movie-goers alike with mixed feelings during the car ride home...

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