10 Disney Movie Details Only Grown-Ups Would Notice

7. Linguini’s Little Problem In Ratatouille

Cinderella NSFW

Clumsy and naïve but above all kind-hearted, poor Alfredo Linguini is the target of many a joke in Ratatouille. He does come good in the end when it turns out he’s the bastard son of dead chef Auguste Gusteau and inherits his restaurant but in the meantime he gets the mick taken out of him on the regular. And that includes – in the Disney tradition – a joke at the expense of his manhood.

At one point, Linguini is trying to confess to fellow chef and love interest Colette Tatou that his culinary skills are actually down to the fact he’s being controlled by Remy the rat: “I have this tiny … a little, uh … little …”, he nervously blurts out.

Of course, we know he’s referring to his little rodent friend but Colette reacts by looking suspiciously and with a bit of concern at the young man’s groin area thinking that Linguini is admitting he’s got a rather small noodle. Get your mind out of the gutter, Colette.

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