10 Disney Movie Details Only Grown-Ups Would Notice

8. Mr Potato Head’s Oral Sex Quip In Toy Story 3


Toy Story’s Mr Potato Head has been a constant source of amusement since the franchise began back in 1995 with some of his edgier gags including detaching his own lips and making kissing motions at his derriere to imply Slinky is a kiss arse and threatening Woody with death via a hangman’s noose drawn on an Etch A Sketch. He’s a real riot.

But his most risqué moment to date occurred in Toy Story 3 when the evil Lotso snatches his wife Mrs Potato Head’s mouth for talking too much prompting Mr Potato Head to exclaim “Hey! No one takes my wife’s mouth except me”. Yes – that is an allusion to Mr Potato Head getting head off Mrs Potato Head lurking in one of Disney-Pixar’s most beloved movies.

Although at this point Mr and Mrs Potato Head have been joined in holy matrimony for around a decade so it’s kind of comforting to know they’re still enjoying a healthy sex life. Even if they are cartoon potatoes.

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