10 Disney Movies With Completely F*cked Up Morals

Racism, murder and messed up gender politics … Disney has it all!

Alice In Wonderland Do Drugs

For many a young whippersnapper, Disney films are not only one of their main forms of entertainment but their moral compass growing up too. Anthropomorphic animals and pious princesses dispensing sage life lessons via catchy songs – there’s nothing too bad about that right?


Take a closer look at Disney movies as a more discerning adult and you’ll most likely find a myriad of messed up messages basically normalising racism, historical inaccuracy, wrongdoing and unhealthy gender politics.

While Disney might have come a long way since its subliminally offensive movies – for instance, films like Up and Inside Out explore themes like grief and mental health in a much more responsible manner than some of their predecessors have dealt with other tricky issues – there’s still plenty of Disney movies propagating some undeniably f*cked up messages.

Here’s ten of the most worrying …


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