10 Disney Villains You Actually Root For

The Disney villains you love to... well, love.

As well as their princesses, cuddly sidekicks and defanged versions of darker stories, Disney animated films are known for their iconic and memorable villains. Antagonists such as the Evil Queen from Snow White And The Seven Dwarves have even passed into popular culture as universal symbols of evil. Such is the impact of their villains that any Disney-loving child over the last eighty years has grown up being afraid of old people and fruit. Nice going there, Walt! Despite this, though, in many a Disney film, it is hard to stop yourself from rooting for the villain. Of course, there are the truly despicable ones like The Hunchback Of Notre Dame€™s Judge Frollo, Gaston from The Beauty And The Beast and the man who shot Bambi€™s mother but a lot of the time the villain is such an enjoyable character - or perhaps the hero is such a wet blanket - that you cannot help but cheer on the bad guys. Forget your Cinderellas, your Ariels and all those boring goody two shoes (actually, shoes are a sore subject for those two) and join us in a maniacal laugh as we look at ten of those Disney villains you love to€ well, love.
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