10 Disturbing Movie Moments That Came Out Of NOWHERE

The creepiest movie moments are the ones you never saw coming.

King Kong Bug Scene
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Jump scares have become a Hollywood staple over recent years, and moviegoers are becoming more and more hardened to the abrupt occurrence of something disturbing.

Naturally, the horror genre is the main culprit of setting up as many of these moments as possible - after all, scaring people is their bread and butter - but these moments have made appearances in almost every genre imaginable.

Sometimes, the best way to elicit an emotional response from your audience is to do something that they could never have predicted, and what better way to do that than to put sudden violence in a children's movie? Or unceremoniously kill off a character without any warning? After all, keeping us on our toes is the name of the game.

While these scenes are all disturbing for different reasons, they have each earned their place on this list by merit of taking the audience completely unawares, and that only ever serves to make them all the more unsettling.

Here are 10 movie scenes that came out of nowhere to disturb us so intensely that we may never fully recover.

10. Sex Scenes: Splice

King Kong Bug Scene
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Splice is a movie that makes little sense.

Its premise is intriguing for sci-fi and horror fans alike: a young couple of scientists experiment with genetic engineering by splicing human DNA into a genetic animal hybrid. The addition of some respected Hollywood names, with Adrien Brody starring and Guillermo del Toro and Joel Silver attached as executive producers, should have brought Splice to some acclaim.

Critically, it did relatively well, but it was a commercial failure, and has passed into relative obscurity since its 2009 release.

Anyone who watched Splice, however, will be haunted by the movie's disturbing final scenes, and will likely have difficulty forgetting its conclusion.

Dren is Clive and Elsa's experiment, and the introduction of human DNA leads them both to consider her their daughter of sorts.

It's a journey with a predictable sticky end, but no one had quite been expecting Clive, Dren's creator and father, to have sex with her in the barn in which she lives.

After this, Dren metamorphoses into a male, and subsequently sexually assaults and ultimately impregnates Elsa, with whom Dren shares DNA.

It was disturbing viewing in more ways than one, and it blindsided Splice's audience.


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