10 Disturbing Movie Reveals You Only Notice Rewatching

Looking back, these creepy movie reveals were hiding right under your nose all along.

Barbarian Movie
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The feeling of being completely caught off-guard by an eventual big-screen revelation is definitely a thrilling one. But once you've been exposed to one of these jaw-dropping surprises or twists, that's actually where the real fun can often begin.

Those masterful filmmakers who know precisely how to effectively tease an eventual shock have a brilliant habit of planting certain details and hints into their big-screen stories that fully reveal the bombshell heading your way long before they officially come to light.

And the ability to revisit a movie and keep discovering new glorious breadcrumbs is what often separates the good thrillers, horrors, and just plain creepy flicks from the great ones.

These easily missed clues come in all shapes and sizes, too.

Some briefly screech into your ears and seem like little more than an odd, random occurrence. Others pass by so quickly that your mind simply doesn't have a chance to process the detail when taking in so much new information during a first watch.

So, from easily overlooked frames that tease the reveal of the real big bad, to throwaway lines giving away the twist early, these are those creepy movie reveals you only notice when sitting down for a rewatch.


10. You Can Briefly See Duke's Phone Is In Miles' Back Pocket - Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery

Barbarian Movie

The billionaire, Alpha co-founder known as Miles Bron didn't do the best job of covering his tracks during Glass Onion.

As revealed by the brilliant Benoit Blanc, not only did Miles murder his ex-business partner, Andi, Bron was also responsible for killing his pal Duke on his island.

Blanc deduces that Duke must've discovered the truth about Andi's death before his own demise. Bron then seized his phone and gun after poisoning the big lad with pineapple juice, something he was deathly allergic to, doing the former in a bid to keep the gang from learning Duke knew of Andi's end via Google Alert before his own sudden death.

And what do you know, when you revisit the shocking moment Duke surprisingly drops and it's revealed that it was apparently Miles who was the target of this murder-attempt, get a good look at Edward Norton's behind.

As he darts away from the group searching for Duke's phone on his person, said object can very much be seen in his back pocket long before Blanc discovers it in the film's closing stages.

Just like Miles being an idiot throughout, this now rather obvious hint at him being behind the disturbing death was staring both the audience and Blanc in the face.

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