10 Disturbing Truths You Didn't Know About The Movie Industry

9. Old Hollywood Covers Up Rape

Kirk Douglas One of the most persistent Hollywood rumours throughout the years is that Kirk Douglas, Spartacus himself, sexually abused late starlet Natalie Wood back in the day. Reports go back decades that Douglas raped her, but she was so terrified of both him and the impact whistle-blowing would have on her career that she never grassed him up. Studios, not wanting such bad press for one of their big stars to hurt box office potential, were reportedly complicit in helping cover it up. Anonymous tips from the infamous Hollywood "insider" Himmmm suggest that Wood had a habit of sleeping with directors and actors for movie parts, but after she rebuffed Douglas' same such advances, he didn't take no for an answer. Of course, none of this can be substantiated, though Wood's sister Lana has promised to reveal the identity of the rapist in a letter to be opened once she dies. Like Ms. Wood's untimely death, though, this one will likely always be a mystery that's fiercely debated.
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