10 Doomed Movies SAVED By Last-Minute Reshoots

5. Bumblebee

Mad Max Thumb
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By the time Bumblebee was released, audiences in the West were nearly burned out by Michael Bay's Transformers films. Fortunately, Bumblebee was a surprising addition that set itself apart from the main entries in the franchise. It told a great story that introduced new characters and elements that supported the overall Transformers franchise.

The final product was fun and exciting, but it nearly didn't make it to theaters in its final form. A few months before it was set to release, feedback from a test audience sent the cast and crew scrambling for reshoots, requiring numerous character changes.

John Cena played Agent Burns, and in the final cut, he was funny and approachable. He wasn't always like that though, and the test audiences didn't like him. He was "much more serious and cutthroat," but more than that, he was hostile towards the Transformers.

This was due to his having lost someone close to him to a Transformer, but all of that was axed from the final cut. Reshoots helped Cena redefine the character into one far more charismatic and approachable, which worked perfectly for the film's final cut.


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