10 Most Downright Ridiculous Scenes In Movie History


TheroomWiseau ProductionsGenerally speaking, motion pictures are made up of "scenes" - individual moments in time that are put next to one another in order to tell a coherent story. In most good movies, these scenes feel interconnected in a way that feels natural and progressive; the tone of each scene clings to a sense of unity that carries onwards throughout the entire picture. But that's not always the case. Some movies go against all logic in their attempts to convey a certain thought or feeling, or to advance the narrative, because the filmmakers presumably can't decide what's best for the picture on the whole, or because they lost their brain medicine. These are the sorts of scenes that have you staring around in bewilderment, wondering if you're dreaming or you hit your head or the entire cinematic medium has changed overnight. The good folk over at Reddit have been musing on scenes of this very nature, and we've complied the best ones here. Here are the 10 Most Downright Ridiculous Scenes In Movie History...

10. Basketball - Catwoman

1 Catwoman BasketballWarner Bros.There is no real logic that can be applied to this absolutely insane sequence inherent to the worst superhero movie ever made: Catwoman. For some reason, the director decided that it would be a good way to show Catwoman's skillset by having her play basketball. "Okay," you say. "That's a real world situation, and one which grants viewers the opportunity to see what powers Catwoman has attained. Give it the benefit of the doubt!" Impossible. The sequence in question is so lame that it's a wonder that the person who edited it could get through the process without laughing themselves to death. "Make sure there's some Mis-teeq on the soundtrack whilst the scene unfolds," said the director, who at this point had submitted to some form of mental breakdown. "Preferably 'Scandalous.'" Cue a mad Halle Berry laughing relentlessly, and the worst camera angles of all-time. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rNlmRId2FVQ

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