10 Dumb Decisions In The DC Extended Universe We Can't Forgive

3. Wonder Woman's Confusing Continuity

Superman Justice League
Warner Bros.

Batman v Superman established that Wonder Woman had been in hiding since World War I, hence why an entire subplot revolved around her trying to retrieve a photo from Lex Luthor. By the time Doomsday emerged, she happily decided to show her face again (something not even multiple wars convinced her to do), and...failed to stop the Man of Steel from dying?

Wonder Woman was a fun ride, of course, but Justice League further muddied the waters. Suddenly, Batman knew crucial details about her past, while the closing few moments of the film randomly revealed that Diana Prince was now happy to become a public figure.

It all seemed like a somewhat random change of heart for the character, and you have to wonder what Warner Bros. was thinking by not even trying to stick to the continuity they had created for the DCEU.

Wonder Woman 1984 looks like it will pose a similar problem as the trailers have confirmed that she was happily running through the White House and Washington D.C. decades ago...something which makes absolutely no sense considering the fact her existence was suppoedly a secret in 2016!


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