10 Dumbest Decisions In Fantasy Movie History

Even the most powerful magic couldn't prevent these bad decisions.

The Mummy
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Just because fantasy is a genre that demands we suspend our disbelief and embrace the impossible, it doesn't mean that the worlds it takes us to aren't still bound by logic and common sense.

Swords and sorcery and all well and good, but at its heart, fantasy tells us stories that we can relate to, and that means characters with flaws and failings just like the rest of us, even in a world fundamentally different to our own.

It's usually quite easy for a questionable decision to be explained with a little clever writing - like Tolkien having the Ring corrupt everyone, compromising their ability to act with any sense - although there are times when all common sense clearly goes out of the window.

Poor decisions in movies are usually made in order to further the narrative in some way, and to that end, these entries certainly made for entertaining viewing, even if they did make the audience groan at the sheer stupidity on display.

Whether these decisions were made based on greed, curiosity or misplaced trust, the simple fact is that each and every one of them was very, very dumb.

10. Not Following The Rules - Gremlins

The Mummy

The Mogwai is one of the cutest creatures ever conceived for a movie, and it's not difficult to understand why someone would want one of their own.

At first, junk store owner Mr. Wing is unwilling to sell the Mogwai due to the great responsibility that comes with caring for it, but his grandson ignores him, and sells it anyway. As he does so, he explains the three golden rules that must be followed when living with a Mogwai; no bright lights, don't get it wet, and don't feed it after midnight.

Upon arriving home, Rand Peltzer gives the Mogwai to his son, Billy. Before long, all three rules have been broken, causing the Mogwai to multiply and turn into Gremlins who then wreak havoc on the town of Kingston Falls.

While breaking the rules wasn't really Billy's fault, more care should have been taken to follow them. Although, when a creature as exotic as a Mogwai comes with a dire warning, maybe the worst decision is buying one in the first place.

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