10 Dumbest Decisions In Paranormal Horror Movies

Too dumb to live.

Paranormal Activity Katie Micah

Bad decisions can often lead to disastrous consequences, and horror movies are full of them. We've all seen the dumb character make the wrong choice which frustrates us to the point where we have to yell at the screen. Sometimes, this is done to kickstart the plot, but in other cases, these decisions hold no logic whatsoever and make you wonder, 'Why did they do this?'

Though horror comes in many forms, the paranormal genre just happens to be ripe full of characters making bad decisions. These range from the skeptic who stubbornly doesn't believe in the supernatural or the naïve victim who indirectly gets his or her friends killed. And yet despite the head-scratching decisions they make, these films manage these choices entertaining even when it comes to the character's detriment.

Keep in mind that there will be spoilers ahead with numerous plot points described in detail, so please heed the warning, unlike some of the characters that will be mentioned here.

Kidding aside, to those who have seen these films, it's time to look back at the dumbest decisions ever made in the subgenre.

10. Entering An Asylum - Grave Encounters 2

Paranormal Activity Katie Micah
West Wing Studios

Grave Encounters is a found footage horror offering that capitalized on the success of Paranormal Activity in the early 2010s. The sequel explores a group of fans who follow in the footsteps of the ill-fated characters from the previous movie.

Film student Alex Wright and his friends set out to prove that Grave Encounters was real, and to do this, they break into an abandoned mental asylum that they believe caused the deaths of the previous crew. Just to make things clear, not only do they enter a creepy location but they do so with the belief that it killed people, all to prove their point. It goes as well as you'd expect, as once they enter the asylum, they are soon picked off one by one by the area's malevolent entities.

This all culminates with Alex killing his girlfriend as he promises the spirits to finish his film because it'll attract more people to the hospital. This means that not only does Alex cause the death of his friends, he even gets away scot-free with the intention of luring more people in.


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