10 Dumbest Decisions In Superhero Movie History

"I'll leave the door unlocked."

Iron Man 3 Tony Stark Robert Downey Jr
Marvel Studios

While the fantastical nature of the superhero genre might mean that audiences are used to accepting "questionable" character behaviour for the sake of the story, these 10 instances really take the cake.

These 10 characters from comic book movies, be they heroes or villains, all enthusiastically picked up the idiot ball and ran with it, screwing themselves and/or others over in the process.

It's important to remember, however, that in some of these examples it absolutely made sense for the story being told: a character can be driven to impulsive actions in a way that makes sense, and a character doing something dumb doesn't have to be a result of dumb writing.

But then there are those characters who did something so monumentally, unbelievably stupid that it broke the logic of the scene, or in extreme cases, the entire movie.

And so, whether it benefited the film or not, these superhero movie characters all took a massive L by failing to fully think through the reasonable consequences of their actions...


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