10 Dumbest Decisions In Superhero Movie History

9. The "Heroes" Get Wasted & Visit Planet Zero - Fantastic Four


Josh Trank's Fantastic Four is a head-smackingly inane movie from start to finish, but there's one character decision in the film that's especially braindead, and that's the means through which the titular quartet gains their superpowers.

After being denied authorisation to use their quantum gate to explore the parallel dimension known as Planet Zero themselves, the team commiserates by getting blind drunk and then deciding they're going to head there anyway.

Reed (Miles Teller), Johnny (Michael B. Jordan), Ben (Jamie Bell) and Victor Von Doom (Toby Kebbell) suit up and teleport to Planet Zero, and as you can imagine, heading to a volatile, uncharted new world when you're three sheets to the wind isn't in any way a good idea.

Victor ends up trapped on the planet while the others only barely escape, but the quantum gate explodes, permanently changing the "heroes"' physiology and sending a wave of radiation back through the gate which Sue (Kate Mara) comes into contact with.

You can almost sense what Trank was going for here - his original version of Fantastic Four was much more of a horror film, inspired by David Cronenberg's sci-fi classic The Fly.

But given that Trank's studio-molested end result was basically a more down-the-line superhero origin story, having the heroes be born through alcoholic stupidity turned out both extremely unsatisfying and tonally bizarre.

Nailing a superhero's origin story is crucial in any comic book movie, and all this did was make the Fantastic Four look like immature goofs before they even gained their powers.


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