10 Dumbest Moments In The Halloween Series

9. The Hydrotherapy Death (Halloween 2)

Halloween 6
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Halloween 2 is something of a fan favourite and it's easy to see why. John Carpenter handed the directorial baton over to Rick Rosenthal and he produced a direct follow-up to the original, and it is comfortably one of the better sequels.

Michael Myers was on top form as he redoubled his efforts to take down Laurie Strode. The kills were plentiful and more graphic, but as a result, were less effective than the subtle, stealthy slaughter the first movie was built around.

It was with Halloween 2 that the series veered towards over-the-top murders, the kind of comical kills that would become commonly associated with the Friday the 13th films. The hydrotherapy pool scalding at the hospital is a good example.

Michael dispatched an on-duty nurse by turning a hydrotherapy bath up to "scalding" and dunking her face into the water repeatedly. The results were graphic and grisly, a far cry from the nuanced kills he pulled off from the shadows in the previous movie.

That's not necessarily a major problem as Rosenthal went with a slightly different approach to Carpenter, but what makes the scene truly implausible is the concept of a hydrotherapy bath with a "scalding" setting. What would actually be the purpose of that? They're supposed to be for treating ailments, not cooking lobsters in.

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