10 Dumbest Movie Plot Twists Of 2014

At least none of them said it was all a dream.

Twists are awesome. Nothing is guaranteed to get people talking about a movie more than some deftly-executed narrative slight-of-hand. They are a hard thing to get right - there needs to be significant set-up and a narrative justification to suddenly reveal things are not as they seem. Do it right and you have something that improves the movie as it busts its plot apart, like the Statue of Liberty at the end of The Planet Of The Apes. Do it wrong and you invalidate the whole experience and anger the audience, like Ape Lincoln at the end of Tim Burton's The Planet Of The Apes. 2014 has delivered us some cracking rug-pull moments. Marvel shook up their entire Cinematic Universe by bringing back H.Y.D.R.A. in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, while The Lego Movie smashed its own reality with an incredible, non-blocky cameo. And that's saying nothing of Gone Girl, which so brilliantly duped everyone that it'd be a crime to reveal its secret even now. Typically, however, there's also been a lot of failed attempts to illicit a big audience gasp as well. You can't just whack a last minute reveal onto a movie in the edit and expect Fight Club comparisons, which is something these ten movies didn't quite understand. Come along and see the dumbest plot twists of the year. Obviously, spoilers for all movies included. Tread lightly.
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