10 Dumbest Movie Plot Twists Of 2020

6. The Doll Is Actually Possessed - Brahms: The Boy II

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2016's horror film The Boy may not have been great, but it's practically masterful compared to its recent sequel, which despite being written and directed by the same people, made the inexplicable decision to effectively retcon the first film's big twist.

The Boy follows an American nanny, Greta Evans (Lauren Cohan), who is hired to care for a child named Brahms. But Brahms is actually a porcelain doll serving as a stand-in for the real boy, who allegedly died years earlier.

The initial implication is that the spirit of Brahms is living inside the doll, only for the film's genuinely surprising twist to reveal that, in fact, Brahms is alive and living inside the walls of the family mansion.

By film's end the doll is shattered yet Brahms is still very much alive, only for The Boy II to throw all of this out, retconning Brahms to be the haunted doll we all originally thought he was all along.

As for the wall-dweller from the first movie? He was basically just a meat-puppet who got possessed by the doll to do his bidding. Yikes.

Contradicting your own established lore just two movies into a franchise is never a good look, and so it's little surprise that the film rustled up just a fraction of its predecessor's box office business.


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