10 Dumbest Villains In Movie History

10. Harry & Marv - Home Alone (1990) & Home Alone 2 (1992)

Home Alone 2
20th Century Fox

Not once, but twice, the so-called €˜Wet Bandits€™ were thwarted by parent-free pre-teen Kevin McCallister in the Home Alone movies. Harry Lyme and Marv Merchants are burglars with a calling card €“ Marv sets all the taps running to flood the homes of every one of their victims€™' houses. Overheard plotting to break into Kevin€™'s house, they leave him sufficient time to set up a collection of Tom & Jerry style booby traps throughout his home, so setting the scene for them to literally set off each and every one.

The pair are: set on fire, hit in the head by bricks, stapled, hit on the head with an iron, caused to slip on a ladder greased with soap, attacked by a tarantula, scared by fireworks, hit with BB gun pellets, burned by hot doorknobs and blowtorches, cut by broken Christmas ornaments, tarred and feathered, hit with paint cans, and finally knocked out with a snow shovel wielded by an old man.

So what, you might say €“ this is a kid€™s movie! Well, Marv and Harry are supposed to be renowned local criminals, eluding police capture for months, and their nemesis is an eight-year-old boy in an empty house. What€™'s worse €, upon escaping from prison and running into Kevin again in New York two years later, the pair of them fall for exactly the same tricks, despite remembering the events of their capture and swearing not to trip up like that again.

Finally, the two are sent down for every single one of the homes they€™'d broken into precisely because of their flooding calling card€. If Marv hadn'€™t left all those taps running, the police would only have had the McCallister house to pin on them, and they€™'d have probably only been sentenced to time for the one property especially given that the main witness was an obnoxious child. Idiots.


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