10 Dying Acting Careers Saved By One Amazing Movie

Deadpool, Pulp Fiction, Paddington 2 - movies so good they saved careers.

Deadpool Movie

Movies are a precarious business. The hottest trend one moment can become yesterday's news the next, and no one in the business knows the fickle, ever-changing tastes of Hollywood more than actors.

Most actors dream of hitting it big, not only becoming popular enough to command ridiculous figures and top-billing, but also having first choice of the best roles in the most promising scripts.

While few hit that level of popularity even fewer retain it for their entire careers, and whether through typecasting, poor project choices or real-life scandals, actors can see their stars fade and their careers looking doomed.

Of course nobody loves a comeback story more than Hollywood, and all it takes is one chance at a great role in a great movie to turn things around.

All of the following actors are proof of that. Each one at some point seemed doomed to years of obscurity with their best work behind them, only to come out of nowhere with an amazing hit that either immediately put them on top, or turned heads enough to get the big studios calling.

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