10 Easter Eggs You Didn't Notice In Marvel Phase 2

10. Author Cameo - Captain America: The Winter Soldier

We'll begin with a devious easter egg that's sure to keep you on your toes and be a true test of your comic book fandom. Yes, yes, we all know that Stan Lee makes a cameo as an incompetent security guard at the Smithsonian museum, but that's blindingly obvious compared to the cameo from a far lesser-known comic book talent. We're talking about Ed Brubaker, the brainchild comic writer who, along with artist Steve Epting, resurrected the dead Bucky as The Winter Soldier in the comics, and is essentially responsible for this movie even existing. Brubaker appears for a few seconds as the "handler" of The Winter Soldier mid-way through the film, which given his real-life status as the "father" of the character, seems rather apt, doesn't it? Given how even hardened comic book fans probably missed this, if you did spot it, you've earned serious geek points: well done.

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