10 Easy Steps To Save Will Smith's Career

It's been a year of flops for Big Willie Smith, but the solution could be... Dumbo?

Wil L Smi
DC Comics

2016 was a tough year for Will Smith. The combination of a major comic book movie and a quirky drama with Helen Mirren, Ed Norton and Keira Knightley must've looked like a slam-dunk on paper, but in reality Suicide Squad and Collateral Beauty both took bashings on Rotten Tomatoes, giving the Fresh Prince one of his worst double salvos of all time.

Big Willie seriously needs to do something to avert disaster and stop his career from slowing to a halt like many of his peers from the nineties and noughties did.

Here are ten simple ways for the former box office king and people's favourite to get his career back on track over the next couple of years...

10. Corner The Family Market

Suicide Squad Will Smith Deadshot

The latest Will Smith news, from the ultra-reliable site Deadline Hollywood, is that Disney wants him to star in Tim Burton's live action Dumbo movie. It sounds like an odd blend on first impressions, and it raises a few questions (would Smith voice an animal or appear physically as human?), but this could be just the jump start Mr Smith's career needs. After all, floppy ears are better than outright flops.

Live-action versions of animated classics are nothing to be ashamed of these days, with last year's The Jungle Book proving they can earn big money and positive reviews as long as the execution is solid. This would also give Smith a chance to reach a younger audience, and take part in loads of publicity events.

Smith is always a delight on talk shows, so a lengthy press campaign could help him shift back into the public's good books whilst cornering a massive market at the same time. Dumbo wouldn't be a dumb-o decision at all.


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