10 Embarrassing Times Movie Actors Tried To Be Badass

9. Vinnie Jones - X-Men: The Last Stand

Green Street
Marvel Entertainment

The Vinnie Jones acting experiment rumbles on, and what he lacks in thespian chops, he tends to make up for in believable toughness. The footballing hard man turned movie star has the requisite thousand yard stare and simmering rage to convey any manner of gangsters, hitmen, average Joes pushed too far, and parts of that ilk.

What he’s not cut out for is delivering quips while in supervillain garb. Jones may be the worst part of X-Men: The Last Stand, which is really quite an achievement. He’s stymied by a character with a stupid superpower (running really fast and not stopping) and a duff costume that he looks uncomfortable in.

Indeed Jones seems embarrassed to be a part of this film which, given some of the lowlights that stud his career, is certainly saying something. To be kind, Jones does his best work conveying menace through stillness and minimal movement. Asking the man to run through walls doing evil growls simply isn’t the best way to put a limited but intriguing performer to use.


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