10 Embarrassingly Poor Horror Movie Monsters

Is that an evil... snowman?

Alliance Films

We all know that there’s more to a good horror movie than the appearance of the villain. Suspense. Atmosphere. Jump scares.

Good old-fashioned extreme bodily dismemberment. Horror movies are a craft, and good filmmakers don’t need to use special effects as a blunt instrument to tear screams out of audiences.

That said, a truly horrific movie monster, realised with great make-up effects or skilful CGI, can really make the difference between a good movie and a great movie. But it's the truly garbage monsters that can make the biggest difference.

We’ve all been there: a movie is scaring us silly, but the terrifying monster that has been so carefully foreshadowed is finally revealed as a lukewarm drip and all of that lovingly cultivated fear parps straight out of the room like a deflating balloon.

But disappointment isn’t the only way that a monster can ruin your movie night. Far from it. This list looks at the most pathetic, the most underwhelming, and the plain silliest monsters in horror.

And it's true what you’re thinking – it’s a crowded field! So for this list we’ve tried to zoom in on some of the more interesting embarrassments, and to avoid notoriously terrible monsters like the gremlins from Troll 2, or ones that are deliberately ‘so bad it’s good’ like Sharktopus, Rubber, or Zombeavers.

Let the roster of shame commence!


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