10 Endings That Make Movies Impossible To Rewatch

Spoilers ahead, obviously.

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A good ending – and by ‘good’ that doesn’t necessarily mean a happy conclusion where the good guy wins and the bad guy gets his comeuppance – is as crucial to a film’s storyline as its beginning or middle. If an audience has invested time and money in a film, they want a gratifying payoff with an ending that ties up the plot, doesn’t insult their intelligence and, perhaps most of all, actually makes sense. But a good ending is also an insanely difficult art to perfect.

Whereas some film’s conclusions provide just the right amount of viewer satisfaction, or in the case of films like Memento are so twisty and intriguing you’re itching to watch it again for little hints and clues before the credits have even finished rolling, others are so banal or idiotic that a re-watch seems like a second criminal waste of two perfectly good hours.

The following films fit into the latter category with endings so silly, unnecessary or just plain nonsensical that they’ve left cinemagoers frustrated rather than satisfied. Prepare to be annoyed.

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