10 Ensemble Movie Casts Who Did AWESOME Work In Awful Movies

When outstanding movie casts are forced to work with absolutely terrible material...

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As Bryan Cranston so brilliantly put it not too long ago, an actor working at their absolute best is likely able to take any script up a grade. But all the talent and work in the world still wouldn't be able to turn a C-level text into anything more than a B-level piece of work when all is said and done.

And in the case of the following collection of all-star casts chosen to bring certain blockbuster offerings or chunks of drama to life on the big-screen, the fact the stars involved all put their hearts and souls into the project in question still couldn't keep the film as a whole from feeling like a bit of a misfire.

Either due to simply not boasting a strong enough script or the picture in general just not fulfilling the potential it possessed heading into shooting, a great many stellar performances have found themselves being dragged down with the rest of the largely underwhelming experience over the years.

So, it's time to shed some much-deserved light on those outstanding collections of cinematic showings that had the misfortune of going down in the thick of some of the most disappointing flicks you're ever likely to take in.

10. Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull

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With Indiana Jones set for a (hopefully) triumphant last hurrah later this year, many fans have chosen to treat The Dial of Destiny as the true follow-up to the iconic Last Crusade that landed on screens back in 1989.

And while it's not too difficult to understand why a lot of Indy lovers aren't in a rush to celebrate 2008's The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull as a title worthy of sitting alongside the prior three pieces of immortal action joy, to class the entire project as a complete and utter failure is a little harsh.

The decision to go with inter-dimensional beings as the film's MacGuffin and visuals such as the titular whip-cracker surviving a nuclear explosion in a fridge were divisive to say the least. But the shifts put in by everyone from a Harrison Ford who could play a weary Jones in his sleep, to a Cate Blanchett having the time of her life as a villainous, scene-chewing Irina Spalko are enough of a reason to return to this particularly inconsistent adventure.

Throw in Ray Winstone, Karen Allen and the late, great John Hurt, all delivering the goods and you have an ensemble performance that likely would've been immortalised for all the right reasons with a stronger piece of text to work with and less dodgy CGI thrown into the mix.


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